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OK, your coupons must be very different from mine, because aside from the hot dogs, I don't see anything there that might show up in the coupons I get here. Sigh. Not that I'm organised enough or anything.

I've got a few things on regular rotation for breakfast (cereal, oatmeal, Greek yogurt, eggs, Pumpkin-and-Cake-mix muffins on Saturday, and I sometimes made pumpkin bread pudding on a Sunday). Summer is about to begin so I'm going to have to think about lunches, vs the much easier school lunch boxes which are a known quantity.


Actually,there isn't anything there I bought with coupons. I did get whole chicken on sale and have several in my freezer. I'm usually cooking from my stockpile, so even though I check sales on Monday, my menu doesn't always reflect what's on sale that week. I just happen to do both on Mondays. I shop weekly for produce and try to buy what's in season. We don't have CSA, but I shop at a local produce stand.

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